Get Bookmarks for your page

Visiting several internet sites shows all kinds of little tags and signs and buggers like BOOKMARK THIS or TAG ME or something.

There are bunches of web site services which offer these things. What are they for?

First, some readers of your blog or visitors to your website may think you have some valuable content they want to save. So these very astute visitors want a thigamabob they can click to save the site.

Now some will click their Stumblr button but others use all kinds of other bookmarking tools.

That is where AddThis comes in. You have seen the button before, there is one to your left of this post.

AddThis lets your readers and visitors save, on their favorite web 2.0 bookmark location, a link to your site. This is not brain surgery and has been around for awhile, but unlike some of the other tools out there, AddThis is very easy to use and it works.

Try it here by clicking the AddThis button and seeing all the different social networks available. I like Yahoo Buzz myself.
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